About the Proposal

Bumborah Point, Port Botany

Bumborah Point is a 4.35 hectare Crown Land site adjoining the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park. It is located at Bumborah Point Road, Port Botany and sits within the Randwick Local Government Area. The site is currently zoned RE1 for passive recreational activities.

The Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment has completed a gateway review of Bumborah Point and has approved including cemetery use in the zoning for this land, subject to further community consultation and amendments based on Randwick Counci’ls Local Environment Plan.

A Masterplan has been developed by Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW (SCMNSW) to improve the public access of Bumborah Point and Yarra Bay Beach, along with an expansion of the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park.

The proposed expansion of the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, creates approximately 3,000 additional double depth burial plots and additional space for ash interments, designed as a contemporary lawn cemetery. Bumborah Point will also include a dedicated Aboriginal Cemetery providing 125 double depth burial interments. Believed to be the first of its kind in Australia.

The proposal ensures Bumborah Point remains accessible open space and seeks to develop recreational use of the site by significantly improving safety and public access to Yarra Bay Beach. Active pathways and a foreshore promenade will feature strongly in the final development of the site, with other yet to be explored opportunities such as a community based building, yet to be finalised.

Engagement with local industry, community, surrounding residents, key government agencies and stakeholders will be a factor for the success of this project. This Strategy adheres to the legislative requirements for community engagement for Crown Land outlined in the Crown Land Management Act 2016 (CLMA 2016).

The growing demand for burial space

A cemetery demand report for the Eastern City District (formally known as the Central District), which includes the local government areas of Bayside, Burwood, Canada Bay, Inner West, Randwick, Strathfield, Sydney, Waverley and Woollahra, has identified the need for further burial space in the future due to capacity restrictions.

Our nation’s diverse religious and cultural communities require space to respect burial practice. Many religious and cultural communities sustain a strong orientation towards burial.

In Australia, the majority of urban cemetery sites were set aside more than 100 years ago, with minimal land added in recent years, despite a booming population. Whilst there has been a shift towards cremation over the last century, one-third of Australians still opt for burial. Current projections have several Australian cities running out of cemetery space in 20-30 years.

There is a recognised demand for additional burial space across the Sydney Metropolitan Region. The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment estimates that existing cemetery capacity will likely be exhausted in Greater Sydney by 2050 and by 2024 in the Eastern Suburbs District.

Like many existing cemeteries, Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park is close to reaching capacity and SMCNSW is looking at effective sustainable ways to meet this demand.

Bumborah Point is a unique headland landscape that is valued by local residents and the wider community and hence it is most important that consultation is an intrinsic part of this process.

Who is SMCNSW?

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW Land Manager (SMCNSW) manage cemeteries and crematoria on Crown Land for Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park and Woronora Memorial Park. SMCNSW is managed by an independent board appointed by the NSW Government.

SMCNSW want to ensure that we can serve our future growing communities. We are actively engaging with our communities to understand and provide for their diverse needs, which forms part of the SMCNSW Strategic Plan.