Community Access

Family-friendly public access

Bumborah Point is currently in need of care having been overrun with invasive weed species and subjected to illegal dumping. The vegetation and potentially unsafe dumped materials currently does not provide clear accessible and safe pathways, lighting or usable public space. 

There is currently no formal or safe pedestrian access to the beach. SMCNSW have prepared a proposal ensuring Bumborah Point becomes a publicly accessible open space, which enhances recreational use of the site by improving safety and access to Yarra Bay Beach. Accessibility and Safety by Design will feature strongly in SMCNSW’s development of Bumborah Point.

Activating public space

The Bumborah Point site is zoned RE1 for passive recreational activities. In its present state Bumborah Point does not provide safe access and is unusable for recreational purposes.

As part of the proposal, a Masterplan has been developed to improve the public access of Bumborah Point and the safety of access to Yarra Bay Beach and foreshore, through active walkways and cycleways.

The Masterplan for Bumborah Point includes public circulation and amenities throughout the site in addition to a boardwalk viewing platform overlooking Yarra Bay Beach and the greater vista to Botany Bay.