Indigenous Culture

Aboriginal Cemetery and Memorial Garden

La Perouse is home to one of the longest-established urban Aboriginal communities in Australia.

SMCNSW has undertaken extensive consultation with the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) and New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) to incorporate this important history into the Masterplan. Under a first of its kind Deed of Agreement, the LALC has lifted a land claim over Bumborah Point in exchange for the SMCNSW developing a dedicated Aboriginal Cemetery and providing for its care and maintenance in perpetuity.

The proposal includes a dedicated Aboriginal Cemetery and Memorial Garden with 125 burial plots for the interment of the remains of Aboriginal persons, access to which will be managed by the LALC.

The importance of being close to home

Cemeteries play a pivotal role in the community, protecting a space for remembrance and reflection as well as conserving cultural and environmental heritage and open spaces.

Funeral and memorial service arrangements for people who pass away are generally undertaken in the location associated with the life of that person.

Evidence shows that people have a strong preference to accessible local cemeteries so they can regularly visit loved one’s graves, usually within 15 minutes from home.