Environmental Considerations

Respecting the environment

Bumborah Point is a unique headland landscape that is valued by local residents and the wider community. To maintain the visual screening of the headland, a 20-metre buffer zone of natural vegetation will be retained to preserve the existing appearance of the headland, providing a visual barrier to the cemetery and parkland space.

The Yarra Bay Beach and Reserve, to the south of the site, is identified as an item of local heritage significance and the national park character will be retained by enhancing the existing foreshore vegetation.

Eco Logical Australia have undertaken an ecological assessment and found no threatened species of flora or fauna at Bumborah Point.

The suitability of the land for burial purposes has been informed by the location of easements, consideration of coastal hazards such as erosion and retention of existing vegetation. Geotechnical investigation undertaken by Horton Coastal Engineering provides a 20m groundwater buffer to ensure no contamination of groundwater occurs.

When planning for burials on the Bumborah Point site, care will be taken to avoid the significant underground infrastructure associated with the former Bunnerong Power Station, as well as other important services infrastructure.

Preserving coastal headland biodiversity

To reinforce existing indigenous plant species, SMCNSW intends to collect seed from local native trees and shrubs and propagate them as part of the future landscaping of Bumborah Point, to ensure the existing appearance of the headland is maintained.

Traffic and parking

Whilst the proposal seeks to increase the capacity of the cemetery, it will not increase the frequency of ceremonies undertaken at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park and will not increase traffic or parking.

The existing car park on Prince of Wales Drive will continue as a public facility for accessing the foreshore.